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IT Consulting Services

Built upon its 52+ years performing engineering, testing, and inspection services, ATS understands the criticality of meeting industry standards and compliance requirements. Regardless of industry, ALL companies are technology companies because of the reliance upon technology and Information Technology (IT) resources. We know that while IT is a critical aspect of running your business, it is likely not your company’s core product or service.

For this reason, in 2015, ATS acquired Abel Solutions, an IT consulting company that understands the importance of technology in your business as well as the intersection of IT and compliance. The Abel Solutions team has the expertise and tools to deliver a portfolio of services, including technology strategy, collaboration enablement with custom portals, intelligent automation, business application development/implementation, and managed cloud and IT services.

Quality Management Solutions: Maintaining a compliant, accurate quality management system does not need to be complicated or painful. While each organization has a unique range of Quality Management needs, our years of experience and an extensive knowledge base allow us to guide clients through a proven process for evaluation, implementation, and reporting on your Quality Management Solution.

Our Quality Management consulting services includeDocument Management | Process Management | Workflow & Process Automation | Corrective & Preventative Actions | Compliance | Security

Cybersecurity: We get it. You need to concentrate on your business; you don’t have time for disruptions from cybersecurity threats. Unfortunately, cyberattacks are on the rise, and you cannot afford to ignore them. In recent years, the increase in remote work has caused more potentially sensitive information to travel over the open internet via file transfers and email. More attacks, alongside more entry points, mean greater risk. We help our clients secure their critical business data and inboxes, so they can stay focused on what matters.

Our Cybersecurity services include: Risk AssessmentStrategy & Roadmap | Implementation | Monitoring

Business Process Automation: Businesses face constant pressure to become increasingly efficient and productive—oftentimes with limited resources. Digital Transformation—utilizing digital technologies to make business processes more effective and efficient—is critical for many organizations. Businesses are searching for ways to automate manual processes that slow down business cycles in order to stay competitive. We help customers in all industries improve how their employees work through process automation and management.

Our Business Process Automation services include: Process Mapping | Workflow Automation | Document Generation | Process Intelligence 

Critical Business Applications: As organizations work to transform their businesses by connecting the dots between customer feedback and competitive strategy, the demand for line-of-business applications grows. From Quality Management Systems (QMS) to Contract Management Systems to Field Service Apps, modernizing business operations with powerful IT applications creates competitive advantage.