IFR 6000 Calibration

ATS Calibration Services
Applied Technical Services provides IFR 6000 calibration to verify the accuracy of XPDR, DME, and TCAS aircraft transponders. Maintaining a rigorous calibration schedule for these measuring devices keeps them from giving inaccurate readings, as their calibration drifts over time due to service conditions. Trusting this service to a qualified calibration provider is crucial. Applied Technical Services is an ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab that provides our clients with accurate, NIST-traceable results and the highest quality of service.
The Importance of Accuracy
Inaccurate IFR 6000 calibration can result in invalid measurements and significant safety risks. If a calibration unit cannot provide reliable instrument readings on an aircraft, it poses a serious threat to the safety of the flight crew and passengers. IFR 6000 calibration devices require routine servicing and maintenance to verify that they are functioning within the necessary parameters.
Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services adheres to an extensive Quality Assurance Program to guarantee our clients receive accurate calibration services in compliance with all applicable standards. With over thirty years of expertise in calibration services, ATS is the premier full-service provider of avionic calibration, repair services, and dimensional inspections. ATS Calibration is approved by multiple military, aerospace, nuclear, and automotive companies. Our certified calibration specialists are highly trained, experienced professionals committed to providing the highest level of client satisfaction with reliable information, innovative technologies, and excellent customer service. ATS is ISO-9001 certified and A2LA ISO 17025 accredited. Get in touch today to schedule your IFR 6000 calibration with the experts at ATS.