Crosshatch Adhesion Testing

Applied Technical Services offers various coating adhesion tests, including scrape testing, pull-off testing, and cross hatch adhesion testing. We conduct adhesion tests in compliance with the latest ASTM standards and guidelines.

What is the Crosshatch Adhesion Test?

The crosshatch adhesion test evaluates the adhesive strength of coatings applied to metallic substrates. Pressure-sensitive tape is applied and removed to assess a coating’s quality by observing the coating’s reaction to the tape’s removal.

Why is Coating Adhesion Testing Important?

Adhesion tests provide insight into the bond between a substrate and the applied coating or paint. Coating adhesions tests produce intentional coating failures that allow experts to examine the potential causes and consequences of the failure. Unforeseen coating failures can lead to costly repairs, damaged equipment, and catastrophic failure. Several factors contribute to coating failure, including:

ASTM D3359

ASTM D3359 is the standard method for crosshatch adhesion testing. The results range from 1B to 5B, with 5B representing the strongest adhesion. There are several advantages to crosshatch adhesion testing, including:

Applied Technical Services' Coating and Adhesion Testing Services

Our qualified professionals pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of various coating applications and services. Our coatings and paints testing facilities perform coating and plating thickness tests, abrasion tests, and several coating adhesion tests, including: 

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