X-Ray Computed Tomography

Technician closing a computed tomography machine

What is X-ray Computed Tomography?

Applied Technical Services uses X-ray computed tomography to locate flaws, take internal measurements, detect porosity, and several other applications.
X-ray computed tomography is a form of nondestructive testing that generates a comprehensive internal view of test materials and components. This type of 3D analysis allows our technicians and engineers to achieve the results yielded by multiple test methods while only taking as much time as a single test. For instance, computed tomography can measure coating and surface material thickness using the same scan used for a dimensional inspection without the need for an additional ultrasonic thickness test. X-ray computed tomography can also find weaknesses or flaws in a product without damaging it. Our inspectors can search the model for any sub-surface flaws on the test material, even on a microscopic level. They can then measure these flaws in 3D to aid the client in repair or begin further analysis. These capabilities prove especially useful for applications such as failure analysis, quality assurance, and dimensional inspection.
How X-Ray CT Works
Traditional radiography uses X-rays to penetrate a subject so that a detector can read the radiation that passes through, creating a black and white image called a radiograph. The radiograph is a cross-sectional view of the subject that superimposes the elements of its internal structure. Computed tomography, or CT, takes this process and repeats it thousands of times from different angles, yielding distinct images of all the subject’s internal surfaces. Once all the angles have been captured, the computer then compiles the data set into a single 3D model that allows technicians to assess the subject’s entire structure with microscopic clarity.
Our Technology
The X5000 is one of North Star Imaging’s most versatile computed tomography system. Its sensitivity allows our technicians to make precise images of both large and small items. Our machine is equipped with minifocus 450kV and 225kV X-ray projectors and a multi-axis manipulator to achieve the most detailed results. This state-of-the-art X-ray imaging system offers high-resolution, high-efficiency scanning for an affordable price.
The Zeiss Metrotom 1500 meets even the most stringent imaging demands. Our instrument undergoes a yearly A2LA calibration to ensure its precision and is currently certified to an accuracy within 4.5 microns. This reliable technology makes it easy to evaluate sub-surface structures.
With top-of-the-line technology, our experienced technicians provide high-caliber testing and inspection services. They can convert the generated 3D model into a CAD file for easy comparison to other reference parts or the subject’s original design CAD model. ATS technicians analyze the CT scans and make the results applicable to the client’s needs. Our personnel are ready to provide clients with the most comprehensive testing available to meet their needs. Contact ATS today about our X-ray computed tomography expertise.