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Applied Technical Services, who has been providing services for over 50 years, is a world-class technologically advanced consulting engineering firm with extensive testing and inspection capabilities. We distinguish ourselves from other bridge inspection companies by providing unsurpassed service with highly detailed inspections. Our tests are performed in accordance with the most stringent U.S., international and/or client specific standards.
Our Bridge Inspectors
Our registered professional engineers and certified inspectors are experienced, hands-on field and office professionals that you can count on. Here at ATS, our quality assurance program ensures all employees are continually trained and certified to the most recent safety standards. When providing any service, we are constantly evaluating safety and environmental risks.
Why ATS is a Leader Among Bridge Inspection Companies
There are over 550,000 highway bridges in the U.S. and many are vulnereable due to age, making them a liability. In addition to age, many of these same bridges have been exposed to major environmental impacts. It is common to find bridges that have corrosion, cracking and other damage that increases the load carrying capacity risks. We recommend regular inspections that will identify irregularities and vulnerabilities that will assist you in making repair decisions that will ensure public safety. ATS’ bridge inspection services can assist you by testing all major components of the bridge which include foundation, substructure, deck and superstructure.
ATS uses many different NDT testing methods to perform a thorough and complete bridge inspection. Common methods used include:

Our engineers are familiar with the Department of Transportation bridge inspection requirement and Code of Federal Regulations Part 650, Sections 650.301 through 650.317. Common standards used during the inspection process may include but are not limited to AWS D1.5 Bridge Welding Code and ASTM E1444/E1472. The different types of bridge inspection services offered include initial, routine, damage and special inspections.

Types of Bridge Inspections:
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