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Importance of Regular Bridge Inspections
Applied Technical Services performs bridge structural steel and weld inspections to help clients ensure their infrastructure continues to stand strong. The stresses that a bridge endures every time someone crosses add up over time. Applying repeated loads over long periods can undermine the structural integrity of a component in a process called material fatigue. This phenomenon can result in stress fractures, which will spread if allowed to propagate, and ultimately cause bridge failure. To prevent such a catastrophe, owners uphold a regular bridge inspection schedule to catch any indications of defect earlier rather than later. Inspection services like ATS pay special attention to the structural steel elements and welded joints, as these two components often see the most damage.
Our NDT Bridge Inspection Capabilities
ATS uses a variety of NDT methods to verify the condition of a bridge’s structural steel and welded elements, such as:
Our technicians have attained licensing under SNT-TC-1A to perform the above work. Our Marietta headquarters offers ISO 17025 accredited NDT services, so we encourage prospective clients to check here to see if our scope matches your needs.
Due to their elevated nature, inspectors must use advanced access methods to fully ascertain a bridge’s condition in all its most critical areas. While other providers may require a costly snooper truck rental or even erecting unsafe scaffolding to complete their inspections, ATS offers better alternatives. Our drone-assisted visual inspection team can remotely assess the condition of any hard-to-reach area using our highly maneuverable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Flown by an FAA-licensed pilot, our drones take high-definition pictures and video for our engineers’ preliminary review. Most indications or areas of specific concern may then be addressed using our rope access capabilities. Our SPRAT-certified professionals can safely and effectively perform each of the above NDT methods while suspended mid-air.
About ATS
Since our founding in 1967, Applied Technical Services has continually expanded its capabilities to better serve more clients. No longer the trio of engineers confined to their shared office in our founder’s basement, ATS now comprises the hard work of over 1,000 inspectors, calibrators, Professional Engineers, trainers, forensic investigators, technicians, chemists, and scientists, serving clients around the world with their expertise.
Bridges need to be inspected and they need to be inspected right. Contact ATS today to learn how we can help you ensure your bridge continues standing for decades to come. We take a closer look!

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