Vehicle Fire Investigations

Vehicle Fire Investigations
Considerations Specific to Vehicular vs. Structural Fire Investigations
The analysis of a vehicle fire can be much more difficult than the analysis of a structure fire; vehicles contain numerous systems that are capable of acting as fuel or ignition sources for fires. Our standard vehicle fire investigations include complete photography, sampling of vital fluids, and checking for signs of arson.
Requirements for Vehicle Fire Investigations
Vehicle fires have their own requirements for chemical analysis. We look at engine fluids for evidence of excessive wear that may indicate a possible motive for arson. Additionally, we can examine fluids for evidence of contaminants such as sugar or sand.

Our Marietta facility has a bay equipped with a 15,000 lbs. capacity vehicle lift, allowing for the proper inspection of vehicles from all angles, including the underside. We have on staff both electrical and mechanical engineers familiar with all major vehicle systems, and our vehicle fire specialists are knowledgeable of all types of vehicles, including but not limited to trucks, buses, atv’s, agriculture, forestry and mining equipment.

Regularly Used Inspection Methods
  • Complete Photography
  • Sampling of Vital Fluids
  • Signs of Arson
  • Engine Fluids Analysis

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