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Military Personnel Using ITAR-Compliant Materiel
The Need for Advanced Security Measures when Handling Defense Articles
Applied Technical Services serves as a multidisciplinary testing, inspection, and consulting engineering provider on the list of ITAR certified companies. Government regulation demands that companies handling information regarding United States materiel and/or defense articles be ITAR-registered. This stringent regulation outlines security measures that relevant parties must enforce to ensure the information does not make its way to bad actors or foreign agents. ATS has registered with ITAR and complies with these restrictions to better serve the defense industry through our wide array of capabilities that apply to the military sector.
ATS' ITAR-Related Capabilities
Our breadth of services sets ATS apart from others on the list of ITAR registered companies. Our robust portfolio of ITAR-certified testing services allows us to support clients who produce defense articles from the design stage, through process validation, beyond production, and on into preventive maintenance and failure analysis. We offer the following types of testing to the noted MIL-STD specifications:
In-Lab Testing
* Indicates Method for which ATS is ISO 17025 accredited to perform through the A2LA
** Indicates a method for which we have ISO 17025 accreditation, but has been replaced by EIA Standard 364.6 — ATS electrical testing complies with this specification as well
*** Indicates a method for which we have ISO 17025 accreditation, but has been replaced by either an AWS or an AMS standard — ATS weld testing complies with these specifications as well
Onsite Inspections
* Indicates Method for which ATS is ISO 17025 accredited to perform through the A2LA
The above only reflects our MIL-STD capabilities; click here for a more comprehensive list of our military testing services.
ATS: Comprehensive Services Provider Among ITAR Certified Companies
Applied Technical Services offers testing, consulting engineering, and inspection capabilities of the highest caliber to clients around the globe. Since our founding in 1967, we have consistently expanded our breadth of services and depth of expertise. The intervening 50+ years have been good to us — no longer just a group of three engineers catering to local businesses from their office in our founder’s basement, now ATS comprises over 1,000 technicians, chemists, scientists, inspectors, calibrators, forensic investigators, trainers, and Professional Engineers to serve the varied needs of our esteemed clientele. Although we regularly work with companies from a wide range of civilian industries, our capacity as an ITAR-registered company solely benefits those in the defense sector.
Our Dedication to Quality
We conduct all our military testing under our ISO 9001 registered quality management system to ensure our services yield the best results. ATS initially secured this certification in 1998, when we submitted the entirety of our business processes to a stringent auditing procedure, performed by ISO-approved inspectors. By passing their audit, these specialists affirmed that our system complied with the standard on quality management principles — just as they have at reaccreditation audits completed every two years. We invite this level of scrutiny to hold ourselves responsible to our clients for the quality of service we provide. Aligning our processes with this standard helps us build up the scope and improve the quality of our services that we may support our clients even better in the future.
To ensure a positive experience, ATS upholds several customer service protocols. First, we guarantee the quality and expediency of our work, equipping clients with the knowledge to make timely and informed decisions regarding their results. We understand these needs and so make a point of providing detailed, clear, and accurate reporting, returned within a short turnaround time. Second, ATS recognizes that clients may come with questions about the services we have provided — whether asking after the status of their report or for clarification on the results we returned. To answer these needs, we employ a team of customer service specialists who receive this client outreach and connect them with the most relevant staff member. Finally, our subject-matter experts keep clients appraised of the situation: remaining accessible to those reaching out with questions, being responsive to the needs they express, and staying engaged while helping them to resolve their problems.
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