Gravelometer Testing
What is a Gravelometer?
Chipping of coatings, especially on automobile surfaces, is considered undesirable. In formulating a coating or coating system to meet service requirements, the resistance to chipping damage by flying objects such as gravel is one of the properties of importance. Since resistance to chipping decreases at lower temperatures partly as the result of decreased flexibility, the test may be more directly related to service conditions by performing it at a low temperature. Gravelometer testing is designed to produce a controlled amount of impact by the media on the coated panel to enhance reproducibility.
Gravelometer testing has been conducted for more than 30 years to thoroughly evaluate the impact that flying gravel and debris has on surface coatings. Typically, gravelometer tests are conducted on the following types of automotive surface coatings: paint, clear coats, or metallic plating. Through both standard and customized gravelometer testing, ATS can successfully simulate real-life conditions.
During a typical test, the sample will be mounted to the back of a Gravelometer. Air pressure is used to propel gravel at the test sample. The sample is removed and gently wiped with a clean cloth. A tape is then used to remove loose fragments from the rest of the surface. The sample’s appearance is compared to standard transparencies and a visual examination is conducted to better determine an accurate chipping rating. ATS conducts gravelometer testing in accordance with established industry standards such as ASTM D3170 and SAE J400.
Gravelometer Testing for Automotive Components
The experienced ATS team performs routine testing to meet established automotive specifications, methods, and standards. These tests are completed to ensure the performance of the coating system. ATS proudly offers the one-stop solution that automotive companies need to ensure that all testing requirements are met. ATS also provides the testing facility needed to conduct failure analysis for automotive companies. Whether it is a pre-production certification or product performance testing, ATS has the capabilities needed to meet automotive testing needs.
Automotive standard testing can be completed for the following vehicle makes:
Applied Technical Services (ATS) Has Delivered Excellence in Testing Since 1967
ATS has a proven history of completing tests in a timely manner, gathering accurate data, and conducting in-depth analysis on materials and products used across numerous industries. Services offered include various automotive industry related tests such as Gravelometer Testing, Chemical Analysis, Non-destructive Testing, Metallurgy and Materials Testing, and Calibration Services. As part of their dedication to excellence, all ATS team members adhere to the ATS Quality System. The ATS Quality System is compliant with ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 standards.

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