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Applied Technical Services is one of the leading material testing companies in the U.S. ATS’ material testing labs provide a wide array of methods that allow clients to verify the characteristics of their samples. Our material testing department consists of various branches of analysis. Depending on the services requested by a client, our services may take place in-lab or on the jobsite. We can provide materials testing for several applications that range from failure analysis to material qualification to compliance testing.

Branches Include the Following

Environmental Testing: Test samples are exposed to simulated environmental conditions, including humidity, temperature, and vibration, to verify the client’s product will operate as intended in their work environment.

Mechanical Testing: Test samples are subjected to physical stresses and pressures to locate areas of weakness.

Electrical Testing: Our technicians determine the soundness of in-service electrical components and the cause of failure of non-functioning components.

Metallurgical Testing: We analyze test materials to better understand their structure and how the structure relates to their performance.

Failure Analysis: Our experts collect and analyze material data to determine the cause of failure and make suggestions on how to prevent failure from reoccurring.

Forensic Analysis: We successfully uncover the facts behind disputed events, discover the cause of accidents, provide expert testimony in court proceedings, and other assistance during the litigation process through testing and consultation.

Computed Tomography: We use CT to nondestructively examine the interior and exterior of a component.

About Applied Technical Services

Since 1967, ATS has grown into a premier provider for high-quality consulting engineering, inspection, and testing services. We strive to provide services of unmatched value. Our company is dedicated to safety, client service excellence, and maintaining a financially strong organization, while motivating individual achievement.

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