ATS offers Elmendorf Tear Tests through our polymer services to determine how well the materials used in plastic film, paper, and textile industries can withstand the effects of tearing. 

ATS' Elmendorf Tear Tests Capabilities

This test method has been widely used as one index of the tearing resistance of plastic film and thin, non-rigid sheeting used in packaging applications. The Elmendorf procedure places a sample of the material into the clamp of the tester, where a knife is used to create a 43-millimeter slit cut from the edge of the sample. The pendulum is then released to propagate the cut throughout the remaining slit, where the average tearing force is measured by the energy lost by the pendulum and the results are typically reported in grams-force.

Resistance measurements calculated from Elmendorf tests are valuable, supplying insight into durability and lifespan characteristics integral to the composition of any physical product. One use of these results would be for the specification of material and thickness for the plastic film used in packaging. Depending upon the application, a low propagation force or a high propagation force might be more desirable. While it may not always be possible to correlate tearing data with other mechanical properties, the Elmendorf apparatus provides a controlled means for tearing specimens at straining rates approximating some of those found in actual packaging service.

Many ASTM Standards

Although most tests are performed in accordance with ASTM D1922, the versatility of our Elmendorf Tear Testing services permits our Elmendorf test equipment to comply with several ASTM operating standards. ASTM standards are set by expert committee groups, consisting of academics, government officials, and industry professionals, outlining procedures to guarantee consistent results.

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