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Businesses in search of reputable fastener testing labs need search no further; Applied Technical Services offers a slew of comprehensive fastener tests performed by our experienced staff. We regularly test fasteners according to ASTM, ASME, SAE, NACE, and ISO standards. For investigation of fasteners that failed during operation, ATS also offers fastener failure analysis.

About Fastener Testing
As a type of hardware that joins components together, fasteners need to be robust and secure to continue to operate effectively over time. However, fasteners that are susceptible to developing conditions such as stretching, cracking, or stripping can potentially fail and even set back an entire operation.

Common Factors That Can Cause Fastener Defects Leading to Failure:

Fasteners that are used in critical applications should be professionally tested by a lab such as ATS to ensure reliable performance. We regularly serve the aerospace, automotive, construction, defense, nuclear, and other industries. With our detailed test data, we can help our clients make informed engineering decisions by identifying weaknesses in their fastener components.
ATS offers numerous testing capabilities for fasteners– including mechanical testing, nondestructive testing, chemical analysis, microstructural examination, dimensional inspection, and more. We can easily tailor our testing services to meet your individual needs with a comprehensive, multi-faceted testing approach. Additionally, we provide detailed testing reports.

Fastener Testing Methods Include (But Are Not Limited To):

ATS Quality Assurance
As a leading testing and inspection service provider, Applied Technical Services has been serving clients both nationally and internationally for decades. Our staff is committed to providing excellent service quality, accurate results, and helpful client support with each service we offer. In keeping with our dedication to quality, we work according to stringent standards under our ISO 9001 certified quality program.
If you are searching for an experienced fastener testing lab with short turnaround times, contact ATS today – We take a closer look!

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