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Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) is an industry-managed approach to conformity assessment of ‘special processes’. ATS is proud to be listed as one of the Nadcap Approved Suppliers within several of our service industries. Nadcap Approved Suppliers follow procedures in the workplace considered to be definite of “the highest benchmark”, guaranteeing favorable client satisfaction resulting from adherence to the Nadcap requirements. Nadcap accreditation validates ATS’s mission in sustaining the premium quality of the services we have to offer.

A Vital Component

Suppliers seeking Nadcap accreditation must go through a mandatory auditing process to receive accreditation. The Performance Review Institute (PRI) administers the Nadcap program. This auditing process includes a Nadcap Task Group, which is a group of individuals with expertise in the service industry seeking accreditation. The Nadcap Group then conducts a two (2) to five (5) day audit, in which Nadcap standards outline specific requirements to be met. A mission of Nadcap is to seek continuous improvement, allowing the company to complete non-conformance reports to address issues observed in the audit by suppliers. The company is approved and awarded accreditation when all non-conformance reports successfully are completed.

Everlasting Benefits

For ATS, the definition of Nadcap accreditation translates into joining the pinnacle of quality standards across service industries. The standardization process assures security first, guaranteeing that excellent materials and meticulous processes are abided by to prescribe the value of trustworthiness for all. ATS believes being a Nadcap Approved Supplier allows us to maintain the characteristics of quality, integrity, and professionalism which are fundamental to our core values.

About Applied Technical Services (ATS)

Since 1967, Applied Technical Services (ATS) has been a provider of a variety of engineering, testing, and inspection services. ATS strives to consistently provide these services in adherence to a commitment to excellence, specializing in findings within the fields of metallurgy, non-destructive testing, and chemical analysis. Honesty and individual achievement are factors we seek to maintain through our mission of being an industry leader and achieve progress utilizing our talent, technology, and training to better serve our clients.

ATS Quality Assurance Programs

Applied Technical Services seeks to provide its customers with services in accordance with the appropriate specifications designed with the quality improvement process in mind. ATS experts are committed to the continuous process of engagement to uncover clear, accurate insights. ATS’s services comply with the ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 Quality System Standards for the various industries in which services are provided in.

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