Technician Applying Liquid Penetrant Dye

Aviation Liquid Penetrant Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts aviation liquid penetrant testing (PT), also known as dye penetrant testing, LPI, and/or FPI to examine aircraft components and identify any potential cracks or discontinuities.
What is Liquid Penetrant Testing?
Aviation liquid penetrant testing is a nondestructive testing method commonly used to identify defects in nonporous aircraft materials such as aluminum and titanium. Liquid penetrant testing starts with our technicians applying a special liquid to the inspection surface, which a process called capillary action then draws into any surface breaking discontinuities. The component under test next undergoes a visual inspection to identify any leaks or surface imperfections. Liquid penetrants typically contain dyes to make any flaws more visible.
Commonly Treated Materials
Routine Findings
Applied Technical Services
ATS has served as a leader in the NDT Aviation industry since 1975. We continually work to reduce client costs while increasing the value of our nondestructive aviation testing services. Our highly trained specialists consistently apply their extensive experience to every job, delivering the highest levels of service quality and reliability to our clientele. Applied Technical Services is ISO-9001 certified, ISO 17025 accredited by the A2LA, and proud to be the preferred NDT services provider for numerous automotive, aerospace, military, and nuclear companies. Trust the professionals at ATS and contact us today to schedule your next aviation liquid penetrant testing.

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