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Piper Eddy Current Inspections

Applied Technical Services performs Piper eddy current inspections to detect discontinuities, identify material configuration, and analyze coating thickness and conductivity. ATS specializes in eddy current inspections for Piper Aircraft to ensure safety and compliance with airworthiness directives such as AD 2020-26-16.
Eddy Current Inspections in Aviation
The accuracy and flexibility of eddy current testing make it a highly effective technique for detecting flaws and defects in aircraft. Piper eddy current inspections combine electric current and magnetism to form a magnetic field on a test subject’s conductive surface. Eddy current inspections allow our highly trained NDT technicians to scan large areas of the aircraft, as well as uniquely shaped surfaces and tight spaces that are otherwise difficult to access. Eddy current testing is unaffected by non-conductive layers, such as sealants and paint, and requires minimal part preparation.
Frequently Tested Materials
Common Eddy Current Testing Applications in Aviation
Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services is ISO 9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited by the A2LA, and has been a leader in the NDT Aviation industry since 1975. With our highly trained nondestructive testing experts and state-of-the-art testing facilities, we strive to reduce client costs while maximizing the value of our Piper eddy current inspection services. With over five decades of experience, ATS is proud to be the preferred NDT services provider for numerous aerospace, military, automotive, and nuclear companies. Contact us today to schedule your Piper Aircraft’s next eddy current inspection.

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