Remote Visual Inspection

Remote visual inspection (RVI) is a form of nondestructive testing that allows technicians to inspect structures and equipment remotely, using various types of specialized camera equipment. Our NDT experts use borescopes, drones, and other forms of robotic camera systems to access confined spaces and areas that are otherwise inaccessible. RVI is a safe, efficient, cost-effective inspection method with a versatile range of applications. Applied Technical Services’ remote visual inspection capabilities allow us to help clients maintain safety and standard compliance without disrupting production time.
Our RVI Capabilities
ATS is equipped to handle all our clients’ RVI needs. Our specialized equipment includes:
Our trained, certified RVI specialists have ample experience performing remote visual inspections. Their expertise allows ATS to offer inspections of the highest possible quality. Utilizing high-resolution visuals and 3D analysis technology, our technicians can report accurate equipment conditions in detail. We can assess flaws such as cracks, corrosion, pitting, and mechanical damage and determine whether maintenance is necessary.
RVI Applications
RVI has a high degree of versatility, with numerous potential applications. ATS uses RVI to conduct foreign object search and retrieval (FOSAR) operations. When lost tools or other foreign objects pose a threat to equipment integrity, our experts can use push cameras and retrieval equipment to locate and remove the foreign materials. Remote visual inspection also has numerous applications in the nuclear industry. We use our advanced technology to conduct various inspections, such as:
ATS also conducts remote visual inspections on a wide variety of other equipment, including:
We conduct thorough inspections while eliminating the need for equipment deconstruction. Our RVI experts can collect detailed, objective data with minimal disruptions to uptime at a competitive cost.
Dependable RVI Services
Applied Technical Services has been a leader in nondestructive testing for decades. We are constantly increasing our range of testing capabilities to better serve our clients. We prioritize our customers, connecting them with knowledgeable experts who can devise the best solutions to their problems. We deliver clear, detailed reporting as quickly as possible, so clients have time to make informed decisions regarding their equipment. Our experts make themselves available for any additional questions regarding testing or data.
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