HB 1551 Restricts Lead in Cookware

lead cookware
On March 28, 2024, the state of Washington enacted House Bill 1551, a proposal to reduce the presence of lead in cookware. HB 1551 reenacts and amends RCW 43.21B.110 and RCW 43.21B.300 and adds an additional chapter to Title 70A RCW. The effective date for HB 1551 is January 1, 2026.
The Highlights of House Bill 1551
HB 1551 restricts the distribution, sale, and manufacturing of cookware containing traces of lead exceeding five parts per million (ppm). The limit also applies to cookware components, such as knobs, handles, and lids.
After December 2034, the bill empowers the Department of Ecology to lower the five ppm limit if the Department of Health considers it to be an achievable goal that can protect human wellbeing. Initial violations of HB 1551 will result in $5,000 fines, and subsequent violations will be $10,000 fines.
About Our Consumer Product Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts lead testing on numerous consumer products, including cookware. We help manufacturers adhere to regulations and requirements, and we can help them prepare for HB 1551, ensuring that their products are safe for consumers and eligible for the marketplace. For more information about House Bill 1551, please read this article.