on-site bearing failure analysis

At Applied Technical Services, our Reliability Services division performs on-site bearing failure analysis for numerous industries and companies to identify what damage mechanisms, human error classifications, and system deficiencies contributing to it.

Our testing procedures encompass both in-the-field visual examination and our advanced lab services such as metallography, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), hardness testing, and chemical analysis. In addition to our thorough testing services, we achieve precise reporting and results with our recognized quality assurance program.

To ensure reliable findings, ATS consultants follow standard specifications to identify the most effective means of inspecting failed components, determine the root cause of the failure, and ensure a return to safe and reliable operation.  Our process meets the criteria for conducting on-site bearing failure analysis through standard practices and analysis of component failures along with other applicable, specialized methods. ATS’ standards-focused approach to inspections and testing positions us as the foremost provider of on-site bearing failure analysis services.

Examples of On-site Bearing Failure Analysis Findings and Outcomes:
Identifying Damage Mechanisms
Human Error Classifications
System Improvements

ATS can develop a complete maintenance strategy to identify potential failure modes according to the conditions in which your company’s equipment operates.  Our Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Condition Monitoring program provides our clients with the information they need to accurately determine what equipment requires repairs and when servicing becomes necessary.  Additionally, Practical Plant Failure Analysis and Machinery Monitoring & Diagnostic courses instruct students to encourage increased equipment reliability, foster technical knowledge, and promote effective implementation of preventative measures.

Applied Technical Services can increase your company’s equipment reliability and streamline maintenance planning — all while reducing the time and cost involved.  For more information with on-site bearing failure analysis, contact ATS today.

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