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Rope Access Course

Applied Technical Services offers a comprehensive rope access course for both experienced and first-time technicians seeking accreditation or reaccreditation. Rope access is a discipline that allows work-at-heights personnel to reach high, tight, or unstable locations on buildings, tall structures, and construction sites. There are both safety and cost-efficiency reasons for why rope access is heavily relied upon for construction, inspection, and maintenance purposes. For example, rope access involves the use of a main line and safety line to efficiently scale, descend, or move laterally with the system of ropes, reducing or eliminating the need for construction of scaffolding and other specialized equipment. Another advantage of rope access is that this professional discipline boasts a wide range of uses, including:

Certification With ATS

By earning certification through our rope access program, students will be trained to work in compliance with the rigorous national standard of the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). Most employers only consider rope access technicians that are certified with either SPRAT or its European counterpart, the International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). ATS structures this 5-day course to offer an intensive, hands-on training experience that enables each student to develop the necessary knowledge of rope access techniques.

In the first four days of the course, all trainees will take part in learning how to maintain equipment, tie knots, combine anchorages, and follow rescue protocol. The four-day training process will also allow students to develop a familiarity with the standards and regulations relevant to their fields of work. On the fifth day, a certification session consisting of written, verbal, and practical exam sections is administered by an independent evaluator.

Candidates who complete an ATS rope access course will acquire SPRAT certification in one of the following levels:

ATS Professional Experts

As a top-quality provider of testing, inspections, and consulting engineering services, ATS employs qualified lab and field personnel who follow the recognized standards and regulations of their respective industries. Our professionals serve clients in a variety of industries, successfully uncovering facts in materials testing, chemical analysis, nondestructive testing, forensic investigations, and metallurgy.

Our Experts Include:

Quality Assurance Credentials

At ATS, we are committed to continuously improve the level of service excellence, which is why our quality policy is implemented through our ISO 9001 registered Quality Management System. We maintain our reputation for reliability by hiring engaged employees who are well-trained and qualified to carry out our professional services in a timely manner.

ATS Accreditations and Certifications Include:

Our Quality Program Also Satisfies the Following Quality Standards:

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