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Maintenance and Reliability Engineering Courses

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) offers maintenance and reliability engineering courses that help industry professionals further develop their skillset and careers.

What is Maintenance and Reliability Engineering?
While maintenance and reliability are closely related, several key differences make each discipline an important subject to study. Maintenance engineering is primarily concerned with preventing or resolving problems with equipment, whereas reliability engineering is a data driven approach that prevents failures.
More About Our Maintenance and Reliability Engineering Courses
Our maintenance and reliability engineering courses are a great experience for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Our informed and experienced instructors lead courses focusing on practical skills that would prove useful in real world situations. We offer multiple training courses, including:
Condition Monitoring
Our condition monitoring training teaches participants how to recognize and address issues with equipment before the issues comprise the equipment’s health and functionality. The predictive maintenance practices learned in this course can help prolong the life of equipment, save money, and reduce potential downtime.

Failure Analysis

Our failure analysis course benefits maintenance mechanics, engineers, and supervisors interested in improving their ability to diagnose and prevent mechanical failures. The three-day course is led by professional reliability experts or engineers, ensuring that pertinent information is shared through the lens of an experienced expert.

Mechanical Integrity 

Our 8-hour mechanical integrity training course provides insight into numerous inspection methods, including, but not limited to magnetic participle, radiographic, and UT thickness testing.
Why is Maintenance and Reliability Engineering Training Important?
Maintenance and reliability engineers are essential assets to industrial businesses because they can address the challenges that can limit a business’ success. Training can help improve the abilities of reliability engineers, helping them to better serve their clients. Failure to employ properly trained engineers could result in oversights leading to costly consequences that negatively impact an operation or product.
About the ATS Family of Companies
The ATS FoC is an expansive collection of businesses that provide professional services for a numerous commercial clients across various industries. We offer consulting engineering, testing, inspection, and training services throughout the continental United States, and in many situations our portable services allow us to meet our clients where they are. Please submit a web request form or call +1 (888) 287-5227 to learn more about our maintenance and reliability engineering courses.

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