Floor Vibration Analysis

The Case for Floor Vibration Analysis

If you’re planning on installing expensive and sensitive equipment that is designed to deliver high precision, you should consider a floor vibration analysis first.

This kind of equipment usually has very low tolerance to vibrations on site, whether they are caused by other equipment in the factory, or by heavy passing traffic, all of which could cause problems with equipment operation. It is therefore wise to complete a survey of the ambient levels of floor vibration prior to installation.

At Applied Technical Services, our team of professional engineers are highly experienced at completing this kind of analysis. Using the latest technologies for vibration measurement as well as data analysis, we are able to determine whether ambient vibrations pose a problem to your new equipment.

About the Method

Using these vibration sensors and our analysis equipment, we measure the frequencies and amplitudes of the floor vibrations at the site where the equipment will be installed. This data is then compared with the equipment manufacturer’s specification for the level of vibration that is allowable for that machine. Where this information has not been supplied, we use our extensive experience to determine whether the vibration levels are acceptable or excessive.

Using this information, we compile an extensive report, detailing whether or not you will need vibration control, to what extent this will be required, and offering you practical advice on what solutions are available. Not only do we analyze the level of vibration at your location, we make sure you’re fully aware of the measures that can be taken to ensure the equipment you install is working at full capacity. One example might be the installation of an isolated foundation block, to ensure that any everyday vibrations have no effect on the running of the machinery.

Through floor vibration analysis, you can determine whether ambient vibration is an issue or not, as well as discovering where the best location would be on site for your equipment.

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