VOC Products

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VOC Products
Industries Impacted By VOCs

Most all manufactured products are subject to regulation through various safety standards, structural codes, government agencies, and end-user specifications. These regulations affect multiple industry groups and sometimes require manufacturing practices to be altered. The ramifications of VOC exposure caused by improper manufacturing processes can be severe and cost companies millions of dollars. ATS provides pre-production and post-production testing necessary to avoid such losses and help companies manufacture compliant products.

ATS serves many industries including automotive, consumer goods, polymer and plastic, and paint and coatings. We perform various VOC emission tests required by automotive OEMs to help ensure products are compliant with specific automotive requirements. Our automotive VOC analyses is performed in accordance with specifications from automotive companies, such VW, Volvo, GM, Ford, and Toyota to name a few.

The polymers used in many consumer goods often exhibit high vapor pressure, allowing for high VOC emission over time. ATS works with consumer goods manufacturers to help them meet the requirements of developing safe products, such as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. We also work with the paint and coatings industry to help them achieve required testing for a variety of different industry requirements, such as automotive and aerospace. Our experts examine VOC emissions of paint and coatings to meet specifications such as EPA Method 24. Regardless of what industry your testing needs fall under, our experts can provide you with the highest quality data to guide your decisions on materials and compliance.