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pH Meter Calibration

Applied Technical Services offers pH meter calibration services for analog and digital meters. Our calibration experts adjust pH meters so they can continue to deliver consistent and accurate readings while meeting applicable codes and standards.

A pH meter is an instrument that measures the amount of hydrogen ions in a aqueous solution which determines it’s acidity or alkalinity. Many industries, including agriculture, water treatment, manufacturing, healthcare, and others rely on accurate pH measurements in their daily operations.
Changes in meter accuracy can be subtle and difficult to notice, resulting in unreliable results. Performing periodic meter calibrations can help ensure accurate, consistent pH readings. Through our calibration process, we can adjust pH meters in reference to buffer solutions with a known pH level.

Online Records

We provide client calibration records online through iPortal for quick and convenient access. iPortal stores future calibration recall dates, status updates, certificates, and asset history in one central location.

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As a leading provider of testing, inspection, and calibration services, Applied Technical Services provides clients with stellar service quality, quick turnaround times, and detailed reporting. We know the importance of periodic calibrations in maintaining accurate data. Our calibration departments are ISO 17025 accredited by A2LA, and all data generated is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

If you are searching for a reputable, experienced company to perform a pH meter calibration, contact ATS today – We take a closer look!

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