Our Swiss Precision Instruments Calibration and Distribution Services
Applied Technical Services recognizes the need that companies express for reliable, precise metrology equipment; as such, ATS provides Swiss Precision Instruments calibration and distribution services to our clients. We represent Swiss Precision Instruments by supplying their tools to our discerning customers and offer those clients long-term support by calibrating their equipment to operational efficiency.
ATS Supplies Precision Measuring Tools Including (But Not Limited To):
ATS' Calibrations Services
Additionally, our dedicated ATS Calibrations experts can calibrate your SPI metrology instruments either in-lab or on-site. Our Calibrations team is experienced, performing inspection services validated by major manufacturing companies. With environmentally-controlled ISO 17025:2017 accredited labs, our department serves as a “one-stop-shop” for your Calibration needs.
Utilizing our Block Comparators in combination with the Mahr Federal Gage Block Measurement Software, ATS Calibrations can produce reports summarizing the technical details of several block types. ATS can certify both English/Inch and Metric Gage Blocks with:
Metrology hand tools need to regularly be calibrated to ensure product quality standards continue to be met. Deviations from the standard can prove harmful to testing reporting accuracy. Types of hand tools that we regularly calibrate include (but are not limited to):
Operating in accordance with recent ASI, ASTM, NIST, and other applicable specifications, our labs are equipped with the necessary technology to calibrate a range of weights. Weight Calibration services are performed in-lab to ensure proper environmental conditions are met when using the comparison method in establishing mass value. Followed procedures produce results that are traceable to NIST.
About Applied Technical Services
Established in 1967, Applied Technical Services remains the prime supplier in consulting engineering, testing and inspection services. With more than 20 U.S. offices, our experts have established our reputation in uncovering facts within the fields of Chemical Analysis, Materials Testing, Non-destructive Testing, Fire and Forensic Investigations and Calibration services. Our accreditation scope (Nadcap, A2LA) covers several of our service offerings, showing our commitment in our Quality System standard.
We strive to provide excellence to our customers by:
If your company needs a partner who provides Swiss Precision Instruments calibration and distribution services, look no further than ATS. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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