Gage Block Calibration Services

Applied Technical Services Standards Lab can perform Gage block calibration services on English/Inch Gage Blocks or Metric Gage Blocks. Our Federal 130B-38W1 Gage Block Comparator can measure blocks from 0.004 inches through 4 inches (0.10 mm – 100 mm) and our Federal 130B-58W1 Long Gage Block Comparator can measure blocks from 5 inch through 20 inch (125 mm – 500 mm). These comparators also utilize the Mahr Federal Gage Block Measurement Software, which allows for greater accuracy in measurement and computer-generated data reports. Data reports include initial deviation measurement along with additional measurements for flatness and parallelism, expressed on the data sheet as ViL (Variation in Length), in accordance with applicable tolerances for the grade of blocks being certified.

The Standards Lab is environmentally-controlled for high precision measurement capabilities. The lab is controlled to 68 degree F within a span of +/- 1.0 degree F and humidity controlled at 30 – 55 % R.H. The lab also has isolation joints in the flooring to reduce any vibration effects. All gage blocks are cleaned prior to testing and are placed in the Standards Lab to stabilize to temperature for a minimum of 24 hours. Applied Technical Services participates regularly in “Round Robin Gage Block Measurement Proficiency Testing” in accordance with our A2LA Accreditation.

All gage blocks are certified to their original manufacturer grade tolerance in accordance with one of the following specifications: Federal Specification GGG-G-15C; ANSI/ASME B89.1.9M-1984 or ANSI/ASME B89.1.9M-2002. The original manufacturer grade tolerance will determine the specification and accuracy limitations that are utilized.

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