IEC 60529 IP Testing
Ingress Protection Testing
If your products are going to be exposed to multiple environments whether it be indoors or outdoors, you may want to consider ingress protection testing to determine their susceptibility to particle (sand and dust) or water ingress. Many components can be compromised if they lack resistance to water, dust and foreign objects. In order to promote quality products, it may be critical to ensure safety, durability and functionality. When an environmental element can penetrate a product through seams or joints it can cause manufacturing issues resulting in major asset losses and/or putting you at risk for litigation
ATS is one of the leading environmental testing labs in the US. Ingress Protection Testing (IP Testing) is just one of the hundreds of tests we perform for industries around the world. The IEC 60529 IP testing Standard outlines the ingress protection rating system. We accurately apply these ratings to your products and components.

Often Requested for IEC 60529 IP Testing

Ratings for Solids (Dust and Foreign Objects)
Ratings for Liquids (Water)
Most Requested or Required Ratings:

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