powder coating salt spray testing

Powder Coating Salt Spray Testing

Applied Technical Services (ATS) performs powder coating salt spray testing to assist our clients in accurately determining the effects of corrosion on their products or components. Standardized salt spray or fog testing performed under ASTM B117 is an accelerated corrosion method applied to measure the relative corrosion resistance of exposed coated metals in high temperatures. ATS’ salt spray testing lab produces real-world simulations to accurately determine the impact of corrosion on powder coatings for various types of products for an array of industries. Our facility contains a fleet of testing chambers that allows us to produce any sequence of customized and comprehensive salt spray testing. Accelerated corrosion tests provide data on coating progression or performance, and product integrity throughout the exposure process.

Testing Capabilities

The more testing hours without displaying signs of corrosion, the more corrosion-resistant the coating application for paints, coatings, or products. During powder coating salt spray testing, our technicians subject items to a saline environment for a specific amount of time to determine corrosion resistance levels after thorough analysis. Our procedures implement photographic documentation and quantitative analysis, which can provide our clients with data on percentage blistering, the level of creepage from the scribe(s), filiform substrate and burrow, and more.

ATS performs salt spray testing for a variety of industry specifications, as listed:

ATS powder coating salt spray testing includes:

About ATS

For over five decades, ATS has thoroughly provided an expansive assortment of environmental simulation testing. As a leader in the testing industry, ATS has secured a sterling reputation with numerous industries by quickly and affordably providing our clients with clear and accurate data. We provide powder coating salt spray testing to a wide array of companies in aerospace/aviation, automotive, consumer products, construction, energy, military/defense, manufacturing, maritime, medical, nuclear, oil and gas, power generation, steel and aluminum, telecommunications, and weld and fabrication industries.  Our advanced lab and qualified technicians deliver precise evaluations, conclusive findings, and solutions for our clients. Contact Applied Technical Services for your testing needs today!

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