UV Exposure Testing

UV Exposure Testing

To understand the effects of the sun’s rays on their products, manufacturers send samples to Applied Technical Services. Our lab performs UV exposure testing to determine products’ resistance to ultraviolet radiation over time.
Effects of Solar Radiation
Long-term exposure to solar radiation can cause a variety of effects on different materials: clothing may fade, plastics may weaken, concrete may crack, etc. The primary culprit for these changes is an invisible form of electromagnetic radiation called ultraviolet (UV) waves. The sun emits these UV waves in abundance forcing manufacturers to consider their destructive properties when designing their products.
Whether intended for outdoor use — like automotive paint and patio furniture — or expected to weather under indirect exposure — like car interiors and furniture through window glass — products need to display a certain resistance to UV radiation to retain their value and usefulness over time. To determine their products’ resistance against the erosive forces of the sun, manufacturers send samples to Applied Technical Services for UV exposure testing.
About the Method
ATS technicians use specialized equipment to discover a sample’s resistance to UV radiation. Our fluorescent chambers subject test materials to cycles of UV exposure, emulating periods of sunlight and moisture. By controlling the intensity of the waves these machines emit, we can accelerate the effects of UV radiation to simulate the damage accumulated over years of actual use within weeks or months of testing.
Our UV chambers can also imitate weather cycles by raising and lowering ambient temperatures, generating condensation/water spray, and varying the length of exposure periods. ATS uses all these variables to understand how the sample would react to some real environmental stimuli in a live-usage scenario.
We are ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited to perform this type of testing to the standards of ASTM G154, ASTM D4329, ASTM D4587, ASTM D5894, ISO 4892–3, and ISO 11507, but may also conduct the test according to client or specific industry requirements, depending on circumstances.

ATS and UV Exposure Testing

For over 50 years, ATS has provided superb testing, engineering consulting, and inspection services. We work with clients from numerous industries that operate around the globe. Our technicians are thoroughly experienced in performing this testing method to its relevant standards, and therefore can return accurate findings as quickly as possible. Let ATS analyze your sample for resistance to UV rays — we take a closer look.

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