EDS Chemical Analysis

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EDS Chemical Analysis

ATS provides EDS chemical analysis services for material identification. EDS, also known as energy dispersive spectroscopy, energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy, and EDX, is an analytical process for identifying a material’s elemental composition. We perform EDS analysis alongside our SEM services to give clients a comprehensive understanding of their materials. ATS is ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited to conduct EDS testing according to ASTM E1508.
Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
EDS is a nondestructive testing technique that can identify a material’s crystal structure, providing information about elemental and compound composition. EDS works by using an electron microscope to emit a focused scanning electron beam, exciting the sample’s atoms, so they emit characteristic spectrums of x-rays. The unique x-ray emissions allow inspectors to identify and quantify the materials in the sample. EDS helps to determine the material’s physical and chemical properties. Applied Technical Services conducts EDS analysis for materials such as plating, metal chips, corrosion products, and contaminant particles.
Advantages of EDS
We use energy dispersive spectroscopy to assist clients with research studies, failure analysis, and other applications. We can identify everything from alloys to polymer filler material. EDS is an effective method for quality control due to its capacity for contamination and corrosion identification.
EDS analysis often accompanies SEM (scanning electron microscopy) to give clients a comprehensive understanding of their materials. ATS most commonly performs SEM-EDS analyses for:
The ATS Metallurgy Lab
Applied Technical Services’ metallurgy lab regularly evaluates a wide variety of metals, composites, ceramics, and other materials. We work closely with clients from numerous industries, assisting them with litigation support, reverse engineering, and other applications. We prioritize our customers, offering clear, accurate reporting in a timely manner. Our experienced experts recommend effective, cost-efficient solutions suited to each client’s specific needs.
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