Applied Technical Services (ATS) provides grain size analysis within our metallurgy department.

ATS' Grain Size Analysis

Verifying the grain size of your material can be used as a tool for quality control. With this tool, you can ensure alloys are processed to the required specifications. Grain size analysis is also used in investigating the cause of material failures that may have occurred. Applied Technical Services performs grain size measurements in accordance with the proper standards including ASTM E112.

ATS’ Metallurgical Services

Each day within our metallurgy department, our metallurgists and engineers analyze a wide variety of metals, composites, and ceramics. ATS performs common metallurgical testing services for the purpose of failure analysis, litigation support, quality assurance, and reverse engineering.

Upon contacting ATS, our engineers and metallurgist will discuss with you the full scope of your project. While consulting with you they will inquire about the size and shape of your component, material of manufacture, and the details of specifications that will influence testing decisions.

Each test performed at ATS is per industry standards. These standards include:

Applied Technical Services

Applied Technical Services was founded in 1967 and has since established a great reputation among the industrial, business, and the legal professionals.  We are a top tier provider of high-quality testing, consulting engineering, and inspection services.  Our expert professionals use modern technology to deliver services of unmatched value.

We are committed to:

Quality Assurance

Here at ATS we take quality assurance very seriously. We have a quality management system set in place that is compliant with the international quality system that is recognized in various industries. We serve the following industries:

Accreditations and certifications

We hold the following certifications:

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