Steel Testing Lab

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Our Steel Testing Lab

Applied Technical Services’ metallurgy department maintains a steel testing lab. We offer a diverse combination of skills, knowledge, and experience that allow us to complete every project with speed and efficiency. We test steel for various properties, from structural integrity to grain size. ATS can assist clients with all their steel testing needs.
Hardness Testing
ATS offers several hardness testing procedures, including Brinell, Rockwell, and Vickers hardness testing. These methods evaluate material resistance to indentation by pressing an indenter into the material for a specified length of time. Experts convert the resulting data into a standard hardness value. We conduct standard and microhardness testing according to various standards, including:
Hardness testing provides insight into a material’s aptitude for different applications by determining its limitations. These tests can also inform the design process for sample material.
Corrosion Testing
ATS can evaluate steel’s susceptibility to intergranular corrosion. Using standards such as ASTM A262 and G28, our lab investigates sources of corrosion in varying environments. Our areas of expertise include:
Other forms of Steel Testing
ATS assists clients with several additional steel testing services. Our expertise in failure analysis and metallurgical testing contribute to our high-quality reverse engineering services. We can analyze your steel components and create full or partial engineering designs for them. Our experts can account for several variables, including heat treatment conditions, paint or plating analysis, and manufacturing process.
We also offer grain size analyses to ensure that materials adhere to required specifications. Grain size affects a metal’s material properties, including strength. A grain size analysis can assist clients with quality control, failure analysis, and other applications.
About ATS
Applied Technical Services provides testing, inspections, and consulting engineering services to clients around the globe. For more than 50 years, we have continually expanded our knowledge base so that we can fulfill all our clients’ industrial and commercial testing needs. We deliver precise, detailed, accurate data as quickly as possible, and our testing experts can answer any questions clients may have regarding their requested services.
If you need to evaluate your steel components or materials, trust Applied Technical Services’ steel testing lab.

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