Walk-In Solar Chamber Used for Method 505.5 Testing

MIL STD 810 Testing

If you have components and/or equipment that need to be rigorously tested for environmental stresses, our experienced Engineers and Technicians are equipped to perform the recommended test to certify your product. Applied Technical Services offers environmental testing that is compliant with the requirements of MIL STD 810.
ATS Performs the Following Methods:
Exposing your products to testing conditions that replicate a natural life cycle can identify deficiencies in design, materials, and manufacturing processes.
Our Commitment to Quality Assurance
As part of ATS’ quality assurance program, all employees are trained, aware, committed to, and actively involved in quality improvement processes. If you choose our labs as your testing provider, you will receive accurate test results, detailed reports, and quick turnarounds. Our multiple accreditations and compliance with quality systems standards should build confidence in our services.
Quality System Standards:

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