Predictive Maintenance Companies

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Reliability Testing Services is a leader among predictive maintenance companies. We specialize in predictive technologies that enable clients to transition from run-to-failure operation to proactive maintenance. Our fully certified and qualified technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to benefit both industrial and commercial clients.
Benefits of Predictive Maintenance
Predictive technologies check for early warning signs of asset failure. By monitoring equipment health and predicting asset failure, RTS helps clients avoid breakdowns, thereby reducing risks and unplanned downtime. Predictive maintenance also saves on maintenance costs by eliminating over-maintenance. Time-based maintenance can potentially lead to excess expenses due to unnecessary repairs or collateral damage from failures that went undetected.
Predictive maintenance also identifies and optimizes operational performance factors operators can optimize for more efficient use, extending asset life. This condition-based approach to maintenance promotes healthy, reliable equipment operation. RTS can establish a predictive maintenance program from scratch or provide training for companies with existing programs.
Our Predictive Technologies
RTS experts use several predictive technologies to assess client equipment. Each method is versatile, allowing our certified technicians to conduct thorough inspections. Our technologies include:
  • Infrared thermography: real-time visual imaging of temperature that detects problems with cooling, lubrication, and motor stress, among others
  • Motor circuit evaluation: offline motor testing that checks resistive balance, resistance and capacitance to ground, and inductive balance as indicators of motor health
  • Passive ultrasonics: identifying sounds in the ultrasonic range to assess electrical and mechanical equipment for problems such as flow issues, pressure vessel leaks, arcing, and corona
  • Vibration analysis: investigating abnormalities in machine vibration to find sources of imbalance, misalignment, bearing wear, and other precursors to failure
  • Balancing and alignment: contributes to machine reliability and failure prevention for gearboxes, pumps, and other equipment
  • Reliability testing: applying multiple technologies for a precise evaluation of current machine condition
RTS: A Reliable Inspection Company
Reliability Testing Services provides high-quality predictive maintenance services for both industrial and commercial clients. Our services benefit many industries, including:
  • Pulp and paper
  • Power generation
  • Consumer products
  • Office buildings
  • Wood products
  • Medical facilities
  • Petrochemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Power transmission
Our technicians are experts in multiple technologies and can determine which services would be the most effective for any particular application. We deliver clear, accurate, precise data as fast as possible. If you have any questions, our customer service team will connect you with the most relevant expert available so we can resolve your inquiry.
If you are looking for a leader among predictive maintenance companies, contact RTS today.

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