Snell Thermography Training

The Snell Group, a member of the Applied Technical Services Family of Companies, provides in-depth thermography training programs to prepare trainees for entry-level, intermediate, and advanced roles in infrared thermography inspections.
Snell Level I, II, and III thermography certification courses are specialized programs focused on providing comprehensive training in the principles and applications of infrared thermography. The Snell Group is widely recognized as a leading provider of thermography training, emphasizing high standards and practical knowledge for professionals in various industries. This training equips participants with the skills necessary to conduct effective thermal imaging inspections and interpret thermal images accurately in order to provide clients with the highest levels of precision and reliability.
Snell Thermography Training Curriculum
The Snell Group’s training curriculum covers fundamental concepts of thermodynamics, infrared physics, and the behavior of electromagnetic radiation within the thermal spectrum. Participants learn about the principles of heat transfer, emissivity, reflectivity, and thermal imaging techniques. This foundational knowledge is essential for understanding how infrared cameras capture thermal data and interpret patterns in different materials and environments. The Snell Group is proud to offer infrared thermography training online as well as on-site at client locations.
Thermography Applications
Hands-on experience with thermal imaging equipment is a key component of thermography training as we prepare training candidates to conduct infrared thermography inspections in a wide range of industries. Participants receive instruction on operating infrared cameras, adjusting settings for optimal image quality, and conducting inspections in real-world scenarios. Practical exercises allow trainees to develop skills capturing thermal images, identifying thermal anomalies, and applying correct inspection techniques for leak detection, energy efficiency monitoring, process temperature analysis, bearing monitoring, structural damage assessment, and several other purposes.
Training Courses at ATS
In addition to Snell Thermography Training, the Applied Technical Services Family of Companies offers a variety of training programs and courses. Some of our most popular course offerings include:
The Snell Group and the ATS Family of Companies
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