IEC 60529 IP Testing

IP Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts Ingress Protection (IP) Testing to ensure client products will fare against the environmental elements before reaching the market. ATS (Applied Technical Services) is one of the most prolific environmental testing labs in the United States. We perform hundreds of different test methods for various industries worldwide. IP Testing is one of the many tests we provide that can support companies by validating their product performance claims.

IP testing determines a product’s ability to protect against the infiltration of water, dust, or foreign objects. Manufacturers might pursue this type of testing for several reasons. Safety is the number one priority since putting out the safest product helps both the customers and the company. Regarding the company itself, IP testing can save from major asset losses and litigation.

Particular products require different types of testing. IP testing is divided into two kinds: testing for ingress from liquids and testing for ingress from foreign objects. Liquids can include mist, steam, and sprayed water, while foreign objects can include sand, dust, and oil. With each type of testing, companies can determine the durability and functionality of a particular product before it is placed on the market.

Some IP Testing is done with different temperatures and pressure settings. This is essential, as each product may be affected by some elements but not others. Based on a product’s application and condition, it can allow particles and moisture to permeate its outer layer without compromising its function. Take a microphone, for example. While air can flow through it freely, the item would be rendered useless if water were to seep inside.

In countries like the United States and Canada, products are governed by engineering standards. Some products must comply with UL or CSA standards, and with these guidelines in place, an IP rating is mandatory for the product to be put into the market.
Though highly recommended, IP testing is voluntary. However, certain specifiers and purchasers often request an IP rating to verify a product’s efficiency. An IP rating provides additional proof of quality within a product. It can also save companies from getting an excess of returned merchandise or becoming liable after an accident due to a manufacturing error. As well as that, it gives companies a competitive edge against their opponents.
Our environmental lab has an ISO 17025 accreditation (cert #1888.01) to perform this method according to specific test specs at an exceptional level of proficiency. We maintain a strict standard of quality company-wide, ensured by our ISO 9001-certified quality management system. If a product is going to be exposed to environmental elements, companies may want to consider IP testing performed by ATS.

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