Chemical Resistance Testing is utilized for evaluating the resistance of coatings or plastics to various test fluids. ATS’ automotive testing lab has extensive experience with chemical resistance testing. One of the most important evaluation methods for coatings and plastics is simply determining if they will be able to withstand the environment they may encounter during service. Chemical resistance testing is a convenient and efficient way of assessing the ability of a protective coating to resist degradation by chemicals before they are placed in service.

What are the Benefits of Chemical Resistance Testing?

Chemical resistance testing is carried out by immersing samples in various test fluids. The type of chemical reagents to be used are specified in applicable standards to reflect the intended service conditions. Plastics and organic coatings are susceptible to crazing or cracking following exposure to certain reagents. It is therefore very important to assess their behavior so that the proper polymer or coating type can be selected to avoid failures in service. Typical reagents include; Lubricants, transmission oil, brake fluid, engine coolant, battery acid, diesel fuel, beverages containing sugar and caffeine, window cleaners, sunscreens, household cleaners.

Common test methods used are ASTM D543, ASTM D1308, Ford MA-0015, Volvo STD 1026.8177, Toyota PPS 1002 and BMW GS 95003-5, although other customized tests can also be conducted based on intended or possible service conditions. The type of reagents, liquid concentrations, immersion duration, test temperature, and properties of the product evaluated after the exposure should be determined to reflect the anticipated service conditions. Typical properties of interest include, change in color, loss of gloss or adhesion, blistering, hardening or softening, swelling for coatings, and discoloration, softening or embrittlement for plastic materials.

What sets ATS Apart?

Companies that are involved in manufacturing products for applications demanding safety and reliability in the presence of environmental and industrial chemicals will benefit from ATS’ extensive experience in conducting such tests.  Having trained and engaged employees operating under an ISO 9001 certified quality system in a 150 thousand plus sq. feet testing facility with state-of-the-art equipment, ATS is well positioned to deliver the reliable results our clients have come to expect.

Founded in 1967, ATS has developed a strong reputation for successfully working with a wide range of industries around the globe, legal professionals, and the business world to address materials and metallurgical testing, chemical analysis, fire and explosion investigations, forensic and consulting engineering, nondestructive inspections, failure analysis and calibration services.

How ATS Goes Above and Beyond

ATS’ team of certified and trained experts deliver high quality services by meeting customer needs promptly, while adhering to specifications and standards that result in clear and accurate data.  Our ISO 9001 certified Quality System is based on continuous improvement in all aspects of our business to ensure customer service excellence.

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