QUV testing machines
UV Weather Testing
Prolonged exposure to solar radiation can damage many materials like fabric, plastic, or concrete. The sun causes damage by emitting ultraviolet (UV) waves, a form of electromagnetic radiation with destructive properties. Products that are often exposed to sunlight, either directly or indirectly, during service must have a certain level of resistance to UV light to retain their usefulness and value. Technicians can test this resistance in artificial environments like that of the QUV. UV testing can reveal the integrity and longevity of products designed for sun exposure.
The QUV Weathering Tester
QUV testing evaluates UV exposure as well as several other outdoor conditions. The QUV tester simulates outdoor weathering conditions like sun exposure, rain, dew, and temperature fluctuations. Using UV fluorescent lamps, a condensation mechanism, a water spray system, and temperature controls, the QUV creates realistic conditions for testing a product’s durability in outdoor weather. The QUV can test for several types of damage, including:
In a matter of days or weeks, the QUV can reproduce the damage that would occur over months or years of service. The QUV mimics varying weather cycles to get an accurate picture of how products endure outdoor conditions. The weathering tester complies with many national, international, and industry testing standards and is one of the most widely used weathering testers in the world.
ATS QUV Testing
Applied Technical Services has provided testing and inspection services for over 50 years. We work with clients around the globe in various industries to assist them with their testing needs. Our team of technicians has extensive experience in relevant testing methods, and our environmental testing labs are prepared to meet your UV weather testing needs. With the QUV, ATS performs tests compliant with many A2LA accredited standards, including:
Our team reports as quickly as possible, consistently providing reliable results. We pride ourselves on our expertise, our experience, and our customer service. If your company has a product or material that needs QUV testing services, contact ATS today. We take a closer look!

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