UV Exposure Testing

UV Testing Lab

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) UV testing lab evaluates how various materials and products respond to prolonged sunlight exposure.

What is UV Degradation?
UV degradation occurs when ultraviolet radiation deteriorates materials, causing them to age at an accelerated rate. UV degradation occurs often and is a significant concern for manufacturers as they focus on developing products that are somewhat resistant to the chemical and physical changes brought on by UV radiation. Materials can react differently to UV degradation, but common reactions include:
Why is UV Testing Important?
UV testing is an essential component of the manufacturing process for various materials because it helps evaluate how products react to prolonged UV radiation and their overall resistance to UV degradation. UV tests assist manufacturers as they do the following:
More About Our UV Testing Lab
Our state-of-the-art UV testing lab helps our clients determine their product’s resistance to solar radiation. Our A2LA-accredited labs feature the advanced technology needed to develop test conditions that accurately simulate the conditions associated with a product’s intended application. We offer several types of UV testing services, including:

Accelerated UV

Our accelerated UV testing simulates UV radiation’s effects on products and materials over various periods.

Solar Radiation Exposure

Our solar radiation exposure tests expose materials to alternating solar radiation cycles that emulate natural sunlight patterns.

Ultraviolet Exposure

Our UV exposure tests improve our clients’ understanding of how sunlight will impact the chemical and physical properties of their products. 

Xenon Exposure

Our xenon exposure services simulate the effects of sunlight, heat, and humidity on various materials and products. 

About Applied Technical Services

Applied Technical Services provides high-quality calibration, inspection, testing, and consulting engineering services to clients in various industries, including:
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