Xenon Chamber Prepared to Expose Materials to Environmental Stimuli
Moisture, Heat, and the Sun vs. Your Product
Applied Technical Services performs xenon arc UV testing to help clients determine their product’s resistance to environmental stimuli such as solar radiation. Product engineers know that environmental agents undermine the effectiveness of products over time. Corrosion and thermal stress, caused by moisture and temperature variation respectively, negatively impact the material’s mechanical performance, while fading colors and brittleness caused by sunlight exposure cause aesthetic and mechanical failures in coatings. ATS’ environmental testing division can test all of these stimuli simultaneously to help clients establish how their product would perform over the duration of its outdoor service life.
Our Xenon Arc UV Testing Capabilities
The environmental testing lab houses the xenon arc chambers that we use to perform this type of solar testing. They accommodate either flat or three-dimensional samples to allow our technicians to assess specimens at a greater range of production phases. Our chambers use xenon-filled tubes to create ultraviolet (UV) radiation in wavelengths similar to the sun’s. With additional temperature and humidity controls, our technicians can faithfully reproduce day/night cycles to deliver the most authentic simulation of client products’ resistance to environmental factors. We perform this method according to the following standard specifications, ISO 17025 accredited by the A2LA where designated:
* indicates A2LA accreditation
We also perform another version of UV testing, powered by fluorescent bulbs which produce UV radiation, that offers a similar range of capabilities. Testing to this method conforms to different standards, including the following which we regularly perform:
About ATS
Since our founding in 1967, Applied Technical Services has expanded its capabilities to answer the many needs of our clientele. The next five decades saw our company expand tremendously, continually adding new services and improving our existing offerings to the benefit of an ever-growing range of businesses. While ATS began as a trio of engineers serving local companies from their shared office in our founder’s basement, we now comprise over 1,000 specialists from a variety of fields who serve clients operating in countries around the world. We perform all xenon arc UV testing in accordance with our ISO 9001-certified quality management system to ensure we render consistently excellent service.
If your company needs UV testing to determine a component or material’s resistance to stimuli such as solar radiation, contact ATS today about our expert environmental testing services. We take a closer look!

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