Cleanliness Testing

Cleanliness testing ensures that finished products meet and satisfy the most stringent quality criteria within the medical, automotive and aerospace industries. By verifying the cleanliness of assemblies and components, including those created via additive manufacturing, ATS can help to assure confidence and prevent failures in real-life critical product applications. From residual manufacturing materials such as oils and cutting fluids for medical devices to a thorough particulate analysis on sealed automotive systems, our experts have the skills and expertise needed to both provide a complete picture of potential contaminants, and provide guidance through challenging testing requirements.

Additional Testing Services

In addition to the determination of overall cleanliness levels, ATS also provides Chemical and Metallurgical Analysis, Corrosion Testing, and Failure Analysis. The support of multiple testing departments is used to ensure that additional analyses can be provided as needed. For example, ATS experts often use SEM, FTIR, ICP or GC / MS analysis to provide positive identification of contaminant materials, providing crucial knowledge for determining the source of contamination. At ATS, customers work directly with our knowledgeable experts, who can help design a test program to meet your specific needs.

About ATS Services

Since 1967, Applied Technical Services (ATS) has proudly provided cleanliness testing to both domestic and foreign clients across a multitude of industries. Highly trained and certified lab experts complete testing on a daily basis to ensure the highest quality standards are met. Additional areas of expertise include: Additive Manufacturing Testing, Metallurgy and Materials Testing, Non-Destructive Testing, Chemical Analysis, Explosion and Fire Investigations, as well as Calibration Services. Experience the professional difference with the ATS team of experts.

ATS Quality Assurance Programs

The entire ATS team is dedicated to exceeding client expectations for cleanliness testing. All testing is completed on time. Data results are accurate and provide clear insights. ATS testing experts operate within the ISO 9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited programs and strictly adhere to the ATS Quality System. The aforementioned quality system is compliant with the established domestic and international quality standards of numerous industries.

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