Additive Manufacturing Testing Labs

Additive manufacturing is a rapidly growing sector within the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries. Through additive manufacturing, also referred to by the layman’s term 3D printing, specialized components are used to create objects from powder source material in multiple layers. This methodology minimizes material waste and creates opportunities to use a wide range of composites, plastics, or metals. Before the components can be sold or used, a thorough round of additive manufacturing chemical and mechanical testing must be completed on the components. The feedstock powder metals, ceramics, or polymers used to create the objects are all tested during this vital stage. We complete these rigorous tests to verify that each object meets the highest performance, safety, and quality standards. Our additive manufacturing testing is completed to the following standards:

  • ASTM F 2924-14
  • ASTM F3001-14
  • ASTM F3049-14
  • ASTM F3055-14a
  • ASTM F3056-14e1
  • ASTM F3091/ F3091m-14
  • ASTM F3184-16
  • ASTM F3187-16
  • ASTM F3213-17
  • ATSM F3301-18
  • ASTM F3302-18
  • ISO/ASTM 3302-16
ATS Is a Trusted Testing Partner

We support clients across various sectors, including the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries. By testing to internationally recognized standards, we can validate the additive manufacturing methods used to create mission-critical components. As a trusted partner, we complete stringent additive manufacturing testing to ensure that all materials and products are safe for use.

About ATS

As a leading engineering firm, we are proud to specialize in testing and inspections. Our additive manufacturing testing labs have experts who help clients find the technical solutions needed to produce high quality, safe, and valuable products. We leverage our experience, professionalism, and expertise with countless industry standards to effectively serve our national and international clients.

Quality Assurance Programs to Exceed Client Expectations

At ATS, we are dedicated to exceeding client expectations by providing additive manufacturing testing in accordance with applicable standards and specifications. This dedication includes providing clear and accurate data, delivering test results on time, operating within the ISO 9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited (A2LA) programs, and adhering to the ATS Quality System. The ATS Quality System is compliant with recognized domestic and international quality system standards across a multitude of industries. As such, it is our duty to provide testing and inspection services that meet our Quality System requirements, as well as other listed ASTM and industry standards.

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