Cyclic Salt Corrosion Testing Chamber

ASTM Salt Fog Testing

Applied Technical Services provides ASTM salt fog testing for various products and industries. Salt corrosion acts quickly and can lead to costly repairs, so it’s important to perform salt fog tests to evaluate a material’s integrity.

What is Salt Fog Testing, and Why is it Important?

Salt spray testing, also known as salt fog testing, simulates high-saline environments to evaluate the corrosion-resistant properties of coated and noncoated metals. Our lab conducts tests at an accelerated rate to assess the coated sample’s performance in its expected lifetime and environment. Experts conduct testing using a salt spray cabinet, and testing times vary depending on the coating’s anti-corrosive protections. The salt fog test provides information on the following.

ATS’ Salt Spray Testing Lab

Our salt spray testing lab conducts the following corrosion tests on small and large samples.

ATS’ Environmental Testing

Our environmental testing facilities provide dozens of tests that evaluate the performance properties of various materials to ensure that they perform as expected. Our lab tests for the several common environmental agents, including:

About Applied Technical Services

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