Cyclic Salt Corrosion Testing Chamber

Salt Corrosion Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts salt corrosion testing to help clients determine whether their products, paints, coatings, and other materials can endure corrosive service environments. Salt corrosion testing, also called salt fog testing or salt spray testing, measures corrosion resistance over extended periods of time. This test allows clients to evaluate samples in a controlled environment, assessing and comparing their durability.
Salt Spray Testing Procedures
Corrosion testing takes place in a closed chamber for a pre-determined length of time, anywhere from several hours to several thousand hours. These tests generally use a standard 5% NaCl (sodium chloride) solution but may also involve more specialized solutions according to the applicable standard. ATS offers both static and cyclic salt spray testing. Static testing maintains a constant corrosive environment, while cyclic testing creates several different environments and exposes the sample in a repetitive cycle.
Corrosion testing can function as a standalone testing method or as a test component for standards such as ISO 12944-9. Corrosion testing is compatible with several evaluations, including the degree of rusting, degree of blistering, coating adhesion, and corrosion creepage from a scribe.
Salt Spray Testing Methods
Applied Technical Services conducts salt spray corrosion tests according to a wide array of standards, including:

ISO (International Standards Organization)

BS (British Standards)

DIN (German Standards)

Japanese Standards
Corrosion Testing with ATS
ATS can record both quantitative (amount of creepage from the scribe, percent of blistering) and photographic documentation for clients, often checking corrosion levels at regular intervals to inspect for milestones such as coating degradation and white or red rust development. Our corrosion testing lab has the necessary equipment to evaluate all our clients’ materials, including automotive and military samples, and produce detailed, accurate data.
Since our founding in 1967, Applied Technical Services has offered reliable testing and inspections for a multitude of industries, such as aerospace, nuclear, power generation, automotive, medical equipment, consumer product, insurance, textile, construction, and steel. We pride ourselves on excellence in customer service and are highly responsive to all our clients’ questions and inquiries.
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