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Velocity Meter Calibration

At CEESI, we offer Velocity Meter Calibrations in one of the largest calibration laboratories in North America. Velocity meters, also known as anemometers, are tools for measuring the velocity and pressure of air. This meter is commonly used in weather stations but can be critically important to analyze HVAC, ventilation systems, and other places where airflow is a concern. Calibrating these instruments is important for allowing the user to receive accurate measurements with traceability. All calibrations are National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited. CEESI can assure customers with quality service and reliable meter calibration services.

The four types of velocity meters are pilot tube, calorimetric, turbine, and electromagnetic meters. Different models of velocity meters can also measure humidity and wet bulb temperatures. Depending on the type of velocity meter, some may even have the capacity to record data over a certain period.

This instrument mainly benefits professionals in industries such as:

Meter installations are important processes that must follow several critical guidelines. Meters shouldn’t be installed in or near magnetic fields. The installer must know the direction of flow within the pipe and avoid downward flow for liquid applications. A meter must be installed on a straight pipe and filled with fluid. The installer must ensure that no vapors or external air enter the liquid or gas lines, and a filter must be added to eliminate any solids when possible.

ATS Quality Standards

To provide the best possible service, ATS’ calibration department ensures that all calibrations have been certified by measurable objectives, proven processes, and stringent standards with ISO certification.

ATS Calibration Services

Applied Technical Services offers the following lab and field services:

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