Colorized 3D model from a CT scan

3D Part Inspections and ATS' Capabilities

ATS performs several testing methods for 3D part inspection, such as computed tomography and 3D scanning. Computed tomography (CT) scanning is a versatile method for 3D inspection, producing detailed results with ease. CT scans use X-rays to capture images of a part’s internal and external features. The scanner takes thousands of X-ray images and compiles them into a comprehensive 3D model of the part. While originally designed for medical purposes, recent technological developments have made CT scanning a practical option for industrial applications as well.
Scanning Parts Using CT
ATS can utilize CT scanning for several purposes regarding product validation. Experts use the scans to benefit clients seeking:
Most first article inspections require a dimensional layout. Our technicians can easily calculate a part’s volumetric measurements from a CT scan. We can use the 3D model to conduct part-to-part or part-to-CAD comparisons and determine whether the sample is within its design tolerances. Even if the part has internal components or complex geometries, CT scanning can accurately measure every feature without necessitating any damage to the part.
ATS can also test for aspects of first article inspection that CT cannot measure, such as coatings analysis, verification of mechanical properties, and material characterization.
Just one CT scan generates a precise model depicting all of a part’s interior and exterior surfaces. Technicians can find volumetric and surface area measurements for any segment of the part. Comparing the 3D model to the part’s CAD file will show any discrepancies in production.
CT scanning’s dimensional inspection capabilities are just as useful for reverse engineering as they are for first article inspection. CT can reveal many of a part’s characteristics, including coating and material thickness, using a single scan. The models created by a CT scan assist in creating CAD models, documenting the conditions of parts that have seen service, or updating design models to accurately represent the physical products.
If a reverse engineering project’s scope extends beyond CT’s limits, our lab also performs material toughness characteristics, metal identification, and chemical composition tests. ATS can help with every step of the reverse engineering process.
Flaw Detection
Computed tomography is a great method for finding flaws in a part. CT can pinpoint voids, cracks, and porosity, even at a microscopic level. Our technicians can precisely measure any flaw for quality assurance purposes.
CT scanning as a form of nondestructive testing can be beneficial to legal proceedings. Technicians can scan evidence, such as failed parts that may have caused an accident, without any risk of compromising it. ATS can send a copy of the 3D model to lawyers, investigators, or other relevant parties.
3D Inspection Solutions with ATS
Applied Technical Services is one of the few testing firms that offer industrial computed tomography. Our testing services benefit clients in numerous industries, including power generation, automotive, manufacturing, and legal. Our experienced technicians report clear, accurate results in a timely manner. We use advanced equipment to offer high-quality service at a competitive price.
If you need 3D part inspection services, contact ATS today.