Professional technician performs an HVAC System Evaluation for industrial units.

HVAC System Evaluation

Applied Technical Services offers a professional HVAC system evaluation by a licensed mechanical engineer. If you need a damage inspection, ATS will support your needs. As a leading consulting engineering firm, we provide tests and inspections for commercial and residential buildings to maintain our clients’ comfort at work and home.

Although HVAC systems should be checked regularly, it is easy to take ventilation, heating, and air conditioning for granted. Unfortunately, this leaves you vulnerable to malfunction and breakage when you need your HVAC most.
How Does an HVAC System Work?
An HVAC system is the beating heart of a healthy building. The heating and air conditioning units regulate the temperature for comfort and energy efficiency. The ventilation system removes moisture and foul odors from the air, while the internal air filters block the circulation of irritants and particles, such as:

Poor ventilation weakens HVAC system performance, which can lead to duct problems, blocked vents, and higher energy bills. Unmaintained internal air filters decrease energy efficiency and shorten the life of your equipment. Low airflow ices over the evaporator coils, while an overheated filter can cause system damage or a fire.

A broken or inefficient HVAC cannot regulate the building’s temperature or filter harmful particles out of the air. Not only can this make you uncomfortable, but it can also impact business operations and equipment efficiency. For instance, unfiltered air and uncontrolled temperatures in a grocery store may result in foul odors, rotting produce, and inventory loss.
Do not suffer through a suboptimal HVAC system during the hottest and coldest months. Hire an ATS expert to inspect your unit before it breaks.
Our HVAC System Evaluations

During an HVAC system evaluation, our HVAC technicians examine your unit for damage and evidence of failure. We may also inspect the indoor and outdoor environment for signs of lightning, fire, mold, and other damages.

For a closer look, our experts may use nondestructive and noninvasive tools, such as an infrared camera and megohmmeter. Thermal imaging detects moisture, air leaks, and electrical problems. A megohmmeter calculates the electrical resistance of insulators. If needed, we will take samples or small appliances back to one of our accredited labs.

System inefficiency contributes to:
Based on this assessment, the technician concludes the cause of the failure or damage. System damage can occur in aging or poorly maintained units. Component damage may arise during the manufacturing or installation process.
HVAC systems, well pumps, and appliances are vulnerable to lightning strikes and fire, especially in Smart Homes. Our lightning damage evaluations include:

We can recommend repairs for efficient operation. If lightning struck your unit, we can also help you compare contractor repair estimates. As a member of ASHRAE and IAQA, we will provide recommendations that comply with the latest HVAC and indoor air quality standards.

We give detailed and clear reports to support your next steps, such as hiring a contractor for repairs.
About ATS and Our Family of Companies
From our humble beginnings in 1967 to our nationwide services today, ATS has always valued our mission for high-quality service. We offer consulting engineering, calibration, inspection, and testing services to clients from a diverse array of industries.

Customers appreciate our quick turnaround rate and detailed analyses by qualified professionals. As our family of companies expands, we can provide additional services to new and familiar customers.

About ATS Labs and Engineers
We employ highly qualified engineers for thorough inspections and detailed reports. Our licensed and degreed mechanical engineers have experience in the field. Most states require engineers to meet the following requirements before earning a Professional Engineer (P.E.) license:
Experts at our labs can assess samples taken during the HVAC system evaluation. These tests will tell the HVAC technician more about the problems in a malfunctioning unit.

Additionally, we perform equipment failure analysis on small appliances and heavy machinery. Our analysis identifies the malfunctioning component. For example, we can determine if a centrifugal pump is off-balance.

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