Life Cycle Analysis

Every company wants to know if their product will meet quality and lifespan expectations. In order to simulate real world conditions, life cycle analysis is used to thoroughly test the products from their raw materials stage to their assembly as a final product. Applied Technical Services (ATS) offers life cycle analysis across a multitude of industries, including: nuclear, automotive, aerospace, construction, medical, manufacturing, textile, and many others. No matter the industry, life cycle analysis is customized to accurately measure the impact of various environmental factors on the product.

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Customers often make purchasing decisions based on the environment’s perceived impact on the product. As such, companies need to hire a company, like ATS, to conduct a life cycle analysis before they release a new product. As part of rigorous accelerated environmental testing, life cycle analysis is designed to help companies understand the environmental impact on their products. ATS proudly delivers life cycle testing results that are timely, reliable, and customized to meet the needs of each customer.
ATS Materials Testing: The Trusted Source Since 1967

For decades, ATS has been the trusted source for life cycle analysis. In addition to performing rigorous environmental tests (temperature/humidity cycling, thermal and mechanical shock, vibration, corrosion, etc), ATS also offers a multitude of materials testing services that are designed to give customers the insights they need to make viable product decisions. For example, ATS offers accelerated weathering (Xenon-arc) and accelerated UV testing. The former is used to simulate the damage that is often caused by the short wavelength portion of sunlight. Accelerated UV testing is designed to measure the impact of UV light on a product. Since UV impact is too slow to be measured in real time, the process is accelerated in the ATS testing labs, and the results are delivered to the customer. Both accelerated weathering and accelerated UV testing are conducted per industry standards such as ASTM G155 and ISO 11507, and are ISO 17025 (A2LA) Accredited.

ATS Delivers Quality Life Cycle Analysis Reporting

ATS is proud to exceed customer expectations by offering high quality life cycle analysis. The entire team’s dedication to quality is supported by the on-time delivery of accurate and clear data. As part of this dedication, ATS maintains a Quality System that is compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 standards.

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