Life Cycle Testing

Companies interested in assessing the quality of their product need to conduct life cycle testing. As its name suggests, life cycle testing is designed to help companies understand, quantify, and communicate the impact that environmental factors have on their products during their entire lifespan. In addition to the environment’s impact on a product, life cycle testing also takes into account the sustainability and actual environmental impact (as seen through green initiatives) that the product will have in real world scenarios.

What are the Benefits?

It is no secret that many people make buying decisions based on a product’s environmental impact. As such, life cycle testing is designed to help provide quantitative data that will help companies make environmentally sound product decisions. Applied Technical Services (ATS) is proud to offer rigorous life cycle testing that is reliable, timely, and customizable. Through life cycle testing, companies can understand how the environment will impact their product.

Trust in ATS Life Cycle Testing
Since 1967, ATS has proudly offered a wide array of materials testing. These tests are completed by a team of highly skilled engineers and professionals who are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations across the following industries: nuclear, construction, automotive, steel, power generation, insurance, construction, medical equipment, aerospace and many others. As part of their materials testing services, ATS provides accelerated environmental testing to help companies understand the lifespan of their products. Through a customized approach to accelerated aging, weathering, and UV testing, ATS is able to provide companies with accurate results that show if a product will hold-up to real world scenarios. Accelerated weathering testing is used to simulate damage that might occur from the short wavelength portion of direct or indirect sunlight. These A2LA Accredited tests are completed to ASTM G154 and ISO 11507 standards. Accelerated UV Testing is completed to measure the impact of UV over a projected period of time. This A2LA Accredited test is completed to the ASTM G154 and G155 standards to show what years of exposure would look like in only a few weeks.
ATS' Dedication to Quality

ATS is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations by providing the highest quality life cycle testing services. This dedication to quality is supported by the on-time delivery of clear and accurate data. Additionally, all services are completed in a professional manner and all tests are conducted by qualified and engaged employees who are dedicated to creating an environment of excellence. As part of this dedication, ATS maintains a Quality System that is compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 standards.

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