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Applied Technical Services stands out against the rest of the package testing labs due to the breadth of our capabilities.
Reasons for Package Testing
Packages and packaging serve two primary functions: to carry their contents for easy transport and to guard them against damage. While everyone recognizes the value of a package’s contents, it is perhaps counterintuitive for the layperson that even the packaging itself has been painstakingly considered and designed by a packaging engineer. Each cardboard box, wooden pallet, cargo container, and plastic bottle originates from a set of design specifications that enables it to carry a specific load and protect that load from several anticipated sources of harm. It makes sense, then, that — just like the products they contain — packaging requires third-party testing to verify that it performs as expected for end-users.
Methods and Standards
ATS uses a variety of methods to verify the physical performance characteristics of clients’ packaging samples. Our array of equipment allows us to perform:
  • Drop Testing
  • Free Fall
  • Tip-Over
  • Falling Onto Hazards
  • Environmental Simulation
  • Vertical and Horizontal
We perform our testing according to relevant package testing standards, including those set by ASTM, ISO, and ISTA.
The International Safe Transit Association, or ISTA, sets standards for the design, testing, and performance metrics of packaging materials. ISTA testing procedures guide labs in how to simulate the conditions and stimuli a package could reasonably encounter during shipment. Testing providers then assess the success or failure of the samples according to their ability to survive damage with minimal loss to functionality. ATS’ environmental testing division performs ISTA compliant testing according to the following specifications:
  • ISTA 1C
  • ISTA 1G
  • ISTA 2A
  • ISTA 2B
  • ISTA 2C
  • ISTA 3F
  • ISTA 3G
ATS: A Leader Among Package Testing Labs
Since 1967, Applied Technical Services has offered testing, consulting engineering, and inspection capabilities of sterling quality. In the 50+ intervening years since its inception, our company has enjoyed the good fortune of abundant growth; what began as a collection of three engineers serving businesses in the local community has since developed into a multidisciplinary firm answering the needs of clients from around the world with the services of over 1,000 technicians, chemists, scientists, calibrators, investigators, inspectors, and Professional Engineers. Although we regularly serve more than a dozen industries, ATS’ capacity as a package testing lab is for the sole benefit of the shipping industry.
Dedicated to Quality
ATS’ environmental testing division performs all package testing in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management program. This designation means that our procedures align with the internationally recognized standard defining effective quality management practices. The rigor required to achieve and maintain ISO 9001 certification signals to clients that we place a high value on providing services of excellent quality. Following these principles has enabled ATS to continually improve the quality of our testing and analysis services.
To maximize customer satisfaction, we employ the following policies:
  • Our technicians return clear, accurate, and detailed reporting quickly to empower clients to make timely, informed decisions regarding the results of their testing
  • When a customer contacts us with questions about the status or results of their testing, our customer service representatives facilitate prompt contact with the pertinent lab personnel
  • Testing experts remain accessible to clients reaching out, responsive to their questions, and engaged while helping them secure resolutions to their problems
If your company needs an array of expertise unavailable with other package testing labs, contact ATS today — We take a closer look!

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