ASTM D4332 Testing

ASTM D4332: Environmental Conditioning

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) offers product packaging testing in accordance with ASTM D4332: Environmental Conditioning standards. Packages often endure rough conditions before arriving to the end user, so the package design must possess the quality and durability needed to protect the product it contains. Fortunately, our package testing lab offers an extensive list of services that subject packages to rigorous testing to ensure their performance meets the expectations of manufacturers and consumers.
What is ASTM D4332?
The American Society for Testing and Materials developed ASTM D4332 as the international standard for testing transport products, containers, and packages. The standard provides instructions and guidelines on how to test packages in conditions that simulate the field conditions for that product. The process offers essential insight into the ideal form of packaging for specific conditions, tasks, and functions.
ASTM D4332 Environmental Conditioning
Our ASTM D4332 procedures introduce packaging systems to environmental conditions consistent with the requirements the product will endure during transit and storage. We offer numerous testing services for packages, including the following:
More About Our Package Testing Lab
Product packaging serves two primary purposes, to improve the convenience of product transport and to protect the contents of the package from harm. While the average consumer may consider the quality of the product inside the package and not the package itself, our packaging engineers specialize in packaging design and durability. Our experienced engineers use our state-of-the-art equipment and technology to conduct various tests that examine product packaging quality. Our engineers work closely with clients to develop procedures per their specifications and common ASTM standards.
About Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services provides professional testing, inspection, and consulting engineering services to commercial and industrial businesses. Our mission is to provide consistent, quality service at a competitive price, and our engaged and informed employees provide excellent service to fulfill this mission. Please consider ATS for your packaging testing needs and submit an online request form or call +1 (888) 287-5227 to learn more about our package testing labs.

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